Convenience utility functions

Created:Mar 30, 2011

Test a value for truth

Returns False values evaluating as false, such as the integer 0 or None, and for the following strings, irrespective of letter case:

  • false
  • no
  • f
  • n
  • off
  • 0

Returns True for all other values.


Format a datetime object as a string in RFC 1123 format

This function returns a string representing the date according to RFC 1123. The string returned will always be in English, as required by the specification.

Parameters:date – A datetime.datetime object
Returns:RFC 1123-formatted string
milla.util.read_config(filename, defaults=None)[source]

Parse an ini file into a nested dictionary

  • filename (string) – Path to the ini file to read
  • defaults (dict) – (Optional) A mapping of default values that can be used for interpolation when reading the configuration file

A dictionary whose keys correspond to the section and option, joined with a dot character (.)

For example, consider the following ini file:

storm = Ororo Monroe
cyclops = Scott Summers

hulk = Bruce Banner
iron_man = Tony Stark

The resulting dictionary would look like this:

    'xmen.storm': 'Ororo Monroe',
    'xmen.cyclops': 'Scott Summers',
    'avengers.hulk': 'Bruce Banner',
    'avengers.iron_man': 'Tony Stark',

Thus, the option values for any section can be obtained as follows:


This dictionary can be used to configure an Application instance by using the update method:

config = milla.util.read_config('superheros.ini')
app = milla.Application(router)